Our mission is to bridge Innovative Technology with Capital to achieve Global Goals

We started in 2016 with Amsterdam Tech City and monthly conferences in Amsterdam. This community gained so much traction that we got nominated number 26 in the Global GovTech top 100 influencers and brands list! In 2017 we evolved into Global Tech City and exponentially grew with almost 100 cities worldwide. In 2018 we learnt that we wanted to make more impact by transforming from an events business model into a tech platform model. So in 2019 we are relaunching with our exclusive online platform!

Our mission stayed the same over time, however our slogan did go through some changes:
“Think Global, Act Local & Think Local, Act Global”
“Solving Global Challenges with Future Technologies in Cities”
”Reaching Global Goals with Trending Technologies and Capital in Cities”
“Bridging Innovative Technologies with Business Capital to achieve Global Goals”

Global Tech City was founded in 2017 with the mission of solving global challenges with future technologies in cities. The goal is to facilitate that mission by creating a platform in which the technologies of the future can match and begin to solve the problems of the present. We focus on solving 5 main global challenges, adapted from the 17 global challenges set forth by the United Nations.

We have discovered that people around the world have started to develop technological solutions to these issues and yet can’t extend their reach far enough to find the places where their solutions can translate to the most change. Global Tech City mediates that. Through the use of global events, now located in 90+ cities, we have created a community for sharing tech solutions, including but not limited to big data, blockchain, internet of things, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. The events of Global Tech City allow groups spanning from start-ups and scale-ups to educational institutions, corporations, investors and average citizens to extend the reach of their technological solutions and create a global network of problem solving.

AmsterdamTech.City is number 26 in the global GovTech top 100 influencers and brands list!
— Onalytica (2016 December 7th)

Impact in 2016/2017

  • 2.200+ members

  • 90+ cities

  • 900+ visitors

  • 130+ speakers

  • 90+ organisations

  • 100+ tech solutions

  • 30+ societal challenges

  • 16 global challenges

  • 5 future technologies