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= GTC Community bringing Impact, Technology, and Capital organizations and leaders together to create sustainable and exponential value

Membership Application

Are you excited to join the Global Tech City (GTC) Community? Start to apply for Membership, complete this Application Form, and your application will be reviewed to ensure it meets our membership requirements.

Please note - Members must qualify in at least 1 of the following 3 categories to be considered:

  1. Impact organisations making an Impact by achieving Global Goals, and/or

  2. Technology organisations developing Innovative Technologies to achieve Global Goals, and/or

  3. Capital organisations investing in Impact and/or Technology organisations to achieve Global Goals


Application Form

How did you find out about Global Tech City (GTC)?
Who referred you, which Tech City were you already involved in, or which social media platform?
Category of Organisation *
Which category does your organisation fit? IMPACT organisation working on making Impact by achieving Global Goals defined by the United Nations as the 17 Sustainable Development Goals TECHNOLOGY organisation working on Innovative Technologies, also referred to as emerging or exponential technologies CAPITAL organisation looking to fund and invest in valuable, sustainable, Impact and/or Technology organisations Please select one or more, as applicable.
If IMPACT Organisation, What Global Goal are you working on? Please select your primary Global Goal
If TECHNOLOGY Organisation, What innovative technology are you working on? Please select your primary Technology
If CAPITAL Organisation, What type are you? Please select your primary Capital type
Why would you like to be a member of Global Tech City? How can Global Tech City add value to your organisation? How can your organisation add value to Global Tech City?
What is the Mission and Vision of the organisation? What is the Background and History (Launching year)? Who are the Team Members (Founder, Co-Founder, Board)?
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